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As your final exams are approaching, you're probably already have your notebooks, highlighters, and other material you need to study and learn effectively. However, if doing well on your tests is your goal, then there are things you definitely should not do when studying. Find out what they are through the post below.

What Not to Do When Studying

Being Negative

Being negative about the situation and/or doubting your own abilities is setting yourself up for failure. Keep a positive attitude, trust yourself, and know that you're allowed to make mistakes.


If you want to make the most out of your study sessions, then you absolutely shouldn't procrastinate. It will only take your focus, time, and energy away from what you should be learning. Get to work so you can do your best.


When you're overwhelmed with your academics, it can seem easy to cheat on your practice sheets, your homework, and even your tests. Still, doing so would only make you miss out on a learning opportunity.


Students often think they can cram the night before a test. However, that can hurt their academic efforts more than help them. Instead, study days in advance and focus on understanding, rather than memorizing, to have better results.

Neglecting Yourself

Lastly, don't take yourself out of the equation. Consider your learning style, and take good care of your health, so you can have fruitful study sessions and a better performance during finals.

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