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For some students, math is the most intimidating school subject. If you notice that your child is reluctant to learn it, read this post to help them do math with confidence.

How to Encourage Your Student to Do Math Confidently

  1. First things first: if you want your child to do math confidently, you need to do math confidently as well. Become a role model for your child, as they look to you to forge their own behavior.
  2. If your child is feeling intimidated, then you absolutely should be there for them. This way, you'll be able to guide them, answer questions they have, and provide encouraging words so they can keep going.
  3. If your child is feeling discouraged because they think learning math is useless, help them realize that math is all around them. Give them real-life examples of how math is employed, so that they can understand its use.
  4. As your child practices math more often, they will develop their skills, improve on them, and become less intimidated of it. That's why you should guarantee that they practice regularly. For example, give them practice sheets, exercises, and more.
  5. Finally, help your child do math confidently through the use of games. Apps and online games can make math more accessible to your child, as well as give them a chance to practice in a fun way.

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