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Follow the summer goals mentioned in this list to have an awesome, exciting, and fulfilling summer break, even during a quarantine.

Goals to Accomplish this Summer

  1. A good goal to work towards is to increase your book count and become an avid reader. This will help you work on your imagination, your knowledge, your academic skills, and more.
  2. Another helpful goal to follow is to keep a journal during the break. This, aside from developing your academic skills, can also help you organize your thoughts and feelings.
  3. You should also keep a goal to study a bit, even if you're on break. A simple read-through of your notes will help you refresh your school lessons in your mind, preparing you for the next academic year.
  4. Even if you want to sit and relax during the break, make time to do physical activities. You can try learning dance routines online, or even go for walks (with the necessary precautions).
  5. The time off school gives you a great opportunity to explore new skills, or things you may have always wanted to try. You can take on painting, cooking, gardening, a new language, an instrument, and more.
  6. Finally, you can try to visit new places. Yes, outings are restricted at this time, but National Parks are having a phased reopening, so do some research, follow safety measures, and visit.

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