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A wider vocabulary can improve your life in a myriad ways (such as understanding the world more clearly). To learn how to build your vocabulary, continue reading.

How to Build Your Vocabulary

  1. For starters, you should try reading more. It is in books, magazines, blogposts, and more, where you're the most likely tho come across words that are unfamiliar to you.
  2. While finding unknown words is a great first step, you need to learn what those words mean to include them in your regular vernacular. To that end, it's crucial that you learn to use a dictionary correctly.
  3. Once you have your new words and their meaning, you'll have to start incorporating them into how you express yourself. A great way to do that is through writing. This will help you practice your vocabulary in a more active manner.
  4. If you want to hit two birds with one stone, you can try talking to other people. When it's your turn to listen, pay attention to new words and how they're employed. As you speak, make it a point to make use of your new vocabulary.
  5. Finally, there are other ways to strengthen your vocabulary. For example, playing games such as crossword puzzles and Scrabble can help you build on your vocabulary at the same time as you're having fun. You can also try with apps and online games that are designed to that end.

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