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If your child isn't looking forward to going back to school this fall, they're not alone. You can help make their transition back to school easier with these tips.

Tips for the Back to School Season

Returning to school after a lazy summer can be hard for students, especially if they have completely ignored their normal routines all summer break. There are still a few weeks left before the start of the school year which can be used to prepare. Help your child have an easier time getting back into academic mode with these tips.

Get in the Groove of School Routines

It's very likely that your child didn't stick to their school routines during the summer, and who can blame them? Getting up early and studying aren't exactly fun, so students most likely forgot about these things during their break. However, once the new school year starts, this can lead to some issues. To help your child have an easier time transitioning back to school, use these tips.

Morning Routine

A few weeks before your child's first day of classes, start having your child get up earlier each morning. Make their wake up time a bit earlier every couple of days so that they have an easier time making the transition. They should also follow a routine every morning that includes brushing their teeth, getting ready, and having breakfast without rushing.

After School Schedule

After a long day at school, your child probably doesn't want to do anything except rest when they get home. Unfortunately, this isn't an option for most students. There's homework to get done and studying to tackle after school. To make it easier for your child to do all of this, create an after school routine that is easy to follow. Have them do their homework before dinner so that it gets done without cutting into their sleep time. Keep in mind that some students will be more productive after a snack, a nap, or even some outdoor time, so adapt your child's routine to their needs.

Bedtime Routine

Practicing a bedtime routine before school starts can help ensure your child gets plenty of rest every night. Your child will need to get the right amount of sleep every night in order to have an easier time in class. Without enough sleep, your child will struggle to focus and absorb their lessons, making recalling these lessons even harder. If your child has been going to bed late all summer, have them go to bed a bit earlier every night leading up to the first day of school. A bedtime routine can help them fall asleep on time every night. They should practice relaxing activities during the hour leading up to their bedtime so that falling asleep is a breeze.

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Stay Organized

Organization is the key to academic success, so help your child step up their organization skills this school year. Before the school year starts, give your child a day planner that they can use to keep track of assignments, projects, and test dates. It may take a bit for them to get used to using a day planner, but once they get the hang of it they'll have an easier time managing their time.

Set School Year Goals

Having clear goals can help students reach success much more efficiently. Before the school year starts, help your child define some goals they would like to accomplish during the school year. This can be anything from getting a certain grade in a class to reaching certain score on their SAT. Once they have chosen some goals, help them develop a plan to reach them. They should keep track of these goals and measure their progress as they go through the school year.

Identify Bad Habits

Along with goals, have your child identify some bad habits they would like to get rid of this school year. Procrastinating, being late, or having a messy work area are all examples of things your child may want to work on. Once they identify these bad habits, have them come up with strategies that can help them get rid of them once and for all.

After School Tutoring in Tomball TX 

Tutoring in Tomball can help make your child's transition back to school easier thanks to the academic support their tutors offer. To learn about the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Tomball TX, give their learning center a call at (281) 255-0530.


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