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For students, good notes are an invaluable asset. After all, they're their main study aid, which means they can influence their academic performance greatly. However, not all students master their note-taking skills. If you sense you need some guidance to take better notes and get better grades, this post will be useful to you.

How to Take Notes That Will Help You Study

  1. First of all, have clean and organized notebooks. Use a separate notebook for each of your subjects, so you don't mix your notes and cause confusion when you should be studying.
  2. When the time to take notes comes around, you should have your writing tools nearby. This way, you won't fall behind with the class because you didn't find a pencil or eraser.
  3. Time is of the essence when taking notes, which is why you should develop a strategy. To that end, make use of common abbreviations and focus on writing down the main ideas.
  4. While you should be quick about taking notes, you shouldn't be sloppy. Write with good penmanship and with coherent ideas too ensure that you will be able to understand your notes later on.
  5. If you have certain information that needs to stand out from the rest (e.g. names, dates, formulas, definitions), use highlighters or colored pens to emphasize it.
  6. Finally, it's incredibly important that you take a couple of minutes to review your notes after you're done taking them. If something isn't clear, turn to a peer or to your teacher for clarification.

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